Frequently asked questions and technical information

The (Re)Construction of the World | Aid. Solidarity. Politics. | Online Conference february 12 - 14, 2021

The conference will be broadcast on various online channels (YouTube, zoom) with different participation possibilities worldwide in up to 4 languages.

Translations / Multilingualism
All contributions will be simultaneously translated into English, German, Spanish and French. We look forward to an international audience and the exchange that this enables. If you would like to use the translation function, please log in via the zoom link you will receive from us. As soon as you are logged in, you will find a selection option in the form of a button (globe), which you can use to set your desired language. We also offer parallel live streaming in German and English via Youtube.

Free conference
In order to enable a broad participation, the participation in the conference is possible without a participation fee. Nevertheless, the organisation and hosting of the conference will require a financial contribution. If it is possible for you, we would be very pleased if you would support our work with a donation.

Recording / documentation of the conference
We would be very pleased if you could attend the conference live. If this is not possible, you can watch the presentations afterwards. All presentations of our conference will be recorded in English, German, Spanish and French and will be available online on our website shortly after the conference. We will be happy to inform you by newsletter when the documentations will be available.

No computer? Dial-in by telephone
If you do not have the possibility to follow our conference online via the internet, we will provide a free telephone number where you can follow all the contributions with your telephone. After dialling the number, you will be asked to enter an access code and can then listen directly. The telephone number and access code can be found on our website or obtained from our head office.

Number of participants
You are welcome to register for our conference in large numbers. As we are using an online format this year due to the Corona pandemic, we at least have the advantage of being able to welcome an unlimited number of participants. So you don't have to be afraid of taking a place away from other interested people.

Further information / dial-in link
After registering, you will receive a technical newsletter a few days before the conference in which all the necessary technical steps will be explained to you again and you will receive the dial-in link for our conference.
The dial-in link is valid for all events within the conference. If you only want to follow certain contributions, you can reconnect via the link you will receive.

Participation options
You don't want to actively participate yourself, but want to follow all the contributions live? We offer live streaming in German and English via YouTube. You will find the corresponding links on our website.
Would you like to participate actively in the forums with your own microphone and webcam? Or have the opportunity to ask questions via a chat function? Then please dial in via zoom. It is recommended to check a few days before the conference whether both are set up on your computer.

How can I actively participate?
You log in via zoom. During the forums and the closing panel, you will have the opportunity to ask questions via a chat function. During the forums, we will also offer you the opportunity to ask questions and/or make contributions live via microphone and webcam. For this, we would like to ask you to register in the chat (post asterisk *). Our co-moderation team will draw up a list of speakers and you will be called accordingly. Your contributions will be translated simultaneously. We would like to point out once again that the forums will also be streamed simultaneously worldwide via YouTube. In addition, contributions to the conference will be recorded and made available afterwards in an online media library.

Talking about the conference on Twitter, Facebook or instagram? Use our hashtag: #re_construction21

Privacy policy

Virtual Come-Together
On Friday and Saturday evenings we would like to offer you the opportunity to exchange ideas with other participants, moderators and speakers in a virtual room. Your computer must be equipped with a webcam and a microphone, and you must have either Firefox or Chrome installed as your browser.
Wonder is like a physical room, but digital. Each person is represented by a small avatar. By clicking or dragging your mouse in this digital space, you move around the room. When your avatar gets close to another person's avatar, a video chat opens. More people nearby? The video chat includes more members.
You can see how other people move around the room and when they talk to each other. You cannot hear or see the conversation unless you join their conversation by moving your avatar towards the group.
It is not possible to provide interpretation for this virtual room.


The (Re)Construction of the World

Online Conference, February 12-14, 2021