Our project focus


Health is more than the absence of illness. For medico, achieving the comprehensive right to health accordingly includes creating healthy working, living and environmental conditions for all.

Human Rights

In a deeply divided world with a global economy which excludes millions of people socially and economically, and even makes them 'surplus', medico stands by those who defend and implement indivisible social, political and economic human rights.

Psychosocial work

From aid for the victims of torture through support for traumatised refugees to work with abused women. medico has long been committed to recognising the effects on individuals of massive social exclusion and violence as being a separate element in project promotion, and opposes attempts to treat this as a medical condition of the individual.

Emergency Aid

In over five decades of assistance to people in need, medico has learned that emergency aid – contrary to media presentations – is not a question of speed. Even in acute crises, international NGOs have to promote and expand existing structures, instead of simply replacing domestic actors.

Refugees & Migration

All over the world people are fleeing from war, poverty and hopelessness. Our partners fight causes of flight, provide humanitarian relief, medical care, psychological assistance and legal counseling to refugees.