Project Funding in Syria (incl. Kurdish regions) 2022

  • Empowerment and support of women and children in Idlib / Adopt a Revolution (AaR)
  • Cholera prevention in Idlib / AaR
  • Emergency aid for detained children in northeast Syria suspected of being linked to IS, improving their situation and enabling their reintegration into society / Fight For Humanity (FfH)
  • Support for the construction of a prosthesis centre in northern Syria / Kurdish Red Crescent (KRC)
  • Support for the construction of a prosthesis centre with integrated physiotherapy and psychosocial care in northern Syria / KRC
  • Emergency relief cholera outbreak in northeast Syria / KRC
  • Support for human rights work in northern Syria / Rights Defense Initiative (RDI)
  • Legal Awareness and Assistance: Raising awareness of legal issues among Syrians in Lebanon and Syria and providing legal assistance / SAWA for Development and Aid
  • Protecting the human rights of political prisoners in Syria / The Center

Project Funding 2022: € 999,775.20 (incl. support from AA and AMB)

Projects and Partners

25.10.2023 In the shadow of the shadow

Violence is escalating in Northwest Syria. Civilians are at massive risk – from the brutal military operations as well as from the lack of international publicity.

18.09.2023 Abolish Prisons or End Impunity?

A Dialectic in Times of Transitional (and Lack of) Justice. By Mina Ibrahim und Stella Peisch

28.09.2022 Targeted Killing

A Turkish drone attack kills Zeyneb Sarokhan and Yilmaz Şero, both responsible for medico projects in northeastern Syria.

06.09.2022 Executioner without judge

Human rights violations in Syria have still not been dealt with legally, as access to judicial mechanisms at the international level is complicated.

23.06.2022 No temporary solution

For ten years now, the Rojava project has been under attack, defended and further developed. A travelogue.