Project Funding 2020

  • Core support for Nashet Association
  • Ensure access to public health and provide health services to Syrian refugees and vulnerable families in host communities, Amel Association
  • Support for Mena Prison Forum
  • Building and sustaining strong migrant domestic workers communities and emergency support to vulnerable migrant workers, Anti-Racism Movement (ARM)
  • Emergency relief after the explosion in the port of Beirut, ARM
  • Towards a people-centered dignified recovery in Beirut, Public Works
  • Rooftop greenhoueses in Ein el-Hilweh refugee camp and support to the „community kitchen“ to improve food security during the corona crisis, Nashet Association
  • Dispatches of the Revolution - Support to the work of The Public Source
  • Ensuring access to primary health care in the Beirut district of Ain el Remaneh, AMEL Association

Project Funding 2020: € 2,128,512.81 (incl. support from AA and BMZ )

Projects and Partners

05.02.2021 When truth is a provocation

We are mourning the death of our friend and longstanding partner, activist, journalist, publisher and intellectual Lokman Slim. He was murdered on 3 February 2021.