Project Funding 2020

  • Core support for Afghanistan Human Rights and Democracy Organisation (AHRDO)
  • National network for interethnic dialogue and understanding in Afghanistan, AHRDO
  • Improving the psychosocial care of human rights activists for local partner organisations, AHRDO

Project Funding 2020: € 52,424.60 (incl. support from stiftung m.i.)

Projects and Partners

14.09.2021 Recognition and Admission, Now!

After the fall of Kabul: The people on the Greek islands – refugees and residents – should no longer pay the price for Europe's completely misguided and inhumane asylum policy.

08.09.2021 Watershed: First thoughts

What will need to be kept open. An interim assessment of the Afghan crisis, 20 years after 9/11. By Thomas Rudhof-Seibert.

08.09.2021 The world must pay attention

How do Afghan refugees in the Mavrovouni/Kara Tepe camp on Lesvos react to the Taliban's takeover? A conversation full of worries.