Project Funding 2022

  • Strengthening women's rights / Coordinadora Feminista 8 de Marzo (CF8M)
  • For the adoption of the new constitution in the referendum  / Fundacion Nodo XXI
  • Core support / Fundacion Nodo XXI
  • Creating dialogue spaces for an ecological constitution / Movimiento por la Defensa del Agua, la Tierra y el Medio Ambiente (MODATIMA)
  • Research on structural racism in the prosecution of Mapuche in southern Chile / Observatorio Ciudadano

Project Funding 2022: € 118,380.49

Projects and Partners

11.09.2023 Authoritarian zeitgeist

Liberal society distances itself from authoritarianism and likes to think it only happens in far off lands. All the while it is actually the basis for this catastrophe.

26.09.2022 Invincible neoliberalism

The social movements and leftist government have suffered a crushing defeat in the face of an anti-political attitude rejecting their direction and capitalising on fears and anxieties.

18.08.2022 Authoritarian Neoliberalism by Law

It is often emphasized that Chile's current constitution dates from Augusto Pinochet's military dictatorship. But what does that mean exactly?

06.03.2022 A feminism against the system

Pierina Ferretti on the unifying power of Latin American feminism.

19.08.2014 Conference 'Chile in transformation'

The one-day seminar by medico international foundation on 14 September 2013 marked the 40th anniversary of the military putsch in Chile, and looked at the consequences of the dictatorship and the continuity of neoliberal policies – including and particularly after the end of the Pinochet regime.