Project Funding 2020

  • Support for particularly vulnerable internally displaced persons and migrants in the Corona crisis, Association Malienne des Expulsés (AME)
  • Improving the living conditions of migrants and strengthening the autonomy of the Association des Refoulés d‘Afrique Centrale au Mali (ARACEM)
  • Support and protection of migrants in the Corona crisis, ARACEM

Project Funding 2020: € 55,947.05

Projects and Partners

12.09.2023 Signs of Times

Five theses on the military coups in the Sahel region. By Sabelo J. Ndlovu-Gatsheni

20.09.2021 Credibility lost

In Mali, too, international troops are set to withdraw. Questions to Ousmane Diarra from the deported persons self-organisation Association Malienne des Expulsés (AME) in Mali.