Refugee crisis? Global crisis!

Millions of people override Europe's borders, and then the massive rollback: 2015 was a turning point in migration policy. What does this mean for medico's work?

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Beyond aid

It is good and just to give homeless people shelter for the night, wrote Bertolt Brecht. He added, however, that this will not change the world, or shorten the age of exploitation.

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G20 Summit & Global Health

Control or Prevention?

Symposium of the German Platform for Global Health (DPGG). Berlin | 15th May 2017 | Henriette-Herz-Platz 2 (DGB) |11 am to 5 pm. Read more


Voluntary Return?

The GIZ gets into the "voluntary" return and reintegration of refugees. Questions for Tejan Lamboi, Network of Ex-Asylum Seekers in Sierra Leone. Read more


Fit for Disaster

“Sustainable development”, at least, was driven by the idea to actively and politically shape the world. Conversely, the concept of resilience is only about making people fit for survival. Read more

Human rights in Egypt

The regime strikes back

Civil society organisations like the El Nadeem Centre for the Rehabilitation of Victims of Violence and Torture are under growing pressure. Read more

side view mirror: talk with partners

Virginie Lefèvre, Lebanon

How does a society at the edge of war treat 1.5 million refugees? An example from Lebanon. Read more

Drought in Eastern Africa

We need to blame all governments

After the drought of 2011 we failed as a global collective community: We didn’t rebuild the lives of those people we saved. So why did we save them? For the next drought to kill them? Read more


Anna Huber

Anna Huber worked for medico international for over 30 years. She died on 30 March in Frankfurt am Main. Read more


Refugees in Egypt

Interview with Nader G. Attar from medico’s Egyptian partner organization Center for Refugee Solidarity. Read more

Reconstruction in Nepal

Fast isn’t the same as good

Emergency aid after the earthquake: Conflicts of interest between the national government and Western aid. Read more

Political Imagination

Resisting Resilience

Resilience is nothing if not an apprehension of the future imagined as disaster/attack. Resilience thereby comes to be a fundamental mechanism for policing the political imagination. Read more

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