Loss and damage

Save yourself. Can you?

Onlinetalk with partners and activists from Pakistan, Nigeria, Egypt and Germany about climate crisis and perspectives that still remain. Recorded on 17.11.2022

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We are in the middle of the climate crisis, yet we are not. That is because there is a gap between the need for action and action taken. Floods, storms, droughts - climate-related disasters continue to increase globally, and fundamental changes are urgently needed. After all, at the 27th World climate summit in Cairo, the issues of loss and damage are being negotiated for the first time, and the term "climate justice" is on everyone's lips. But: does everyone mean the same thing when they talk about it? Is the provision of funds voluntary support or is this about enforceable human rights?

Together with partners and activists from Pakistan, Nigeria, Egypt and Germany, we would like to talk about this gap, the unheard and unsaid. We want to discuss the central problem that we always encounter. Everything has been said about the impending ecological destruction, and it has been common knowledge for a long time. Therefore, there is really nothing more to say. So, let us talk about the preconditions for climate justice, e.g.: let us talk about ending the debt burden, about fundamentally different economic forms and different relations to nature, about enabling food sovereignty and legal claims for compensation. We take the current world climate summit as an opportunity to talk about which perspectives of world salvation and change still exist and how the world that has been lost from view can be brought back into the field of vision.  


  • Babawale Obayanju, Programs Manager, Media and Communications organized with Environmental Rights Action/Friends of the Earth Nigeria (ERA/FoEN)
  • Nasir Mansoor, General Secretary of National Trade Union Federation Pakistan (NTUF)
  • Noor Basid, Spokesperson from Lützerath lebt, german climate justice activist in resistance against europes biggest source of CO2: the RWE coal mines in western Germany


  • Thomas Rudhof-Seibert, Public Relations for South Asia and Human Rights Officer, medico international
Published: 23. November 2022

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