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A hospital for Rojava

medico international supports the reconstruction and the facilitation of a hospital in Cizire, a kurdish canton in northern Syria. Support us!

The electricity and water supply of the abandoned hospital in Tibespi/Cizire need to be reestablished. The two story building is missing an emergency room, an x-ray station, a laboratory and additional bedrooms for patients. medico also supports the supplementation of a newborn station (mother-child care).

This hospital will be the only access for about 100.000 civilians to receive free health care. Thus the finalization and opening is most important to everyone around. Since 2014, there has only been a small healthstation around Cizire, to take care of basic health care. A public hospital has been lacking since then.

In 2014, when the jihadist group, Al-Nusra, started their siege on north-eastern Syria and was followed by ISIS, the situation increased drastically. People started fleeing from attacks and headed towards Tirbespi, which had been spared from ISIS takeover. The Hospital had already been out of service back then.

The Kurdish Red Crescent, a medico partner organization, nowadays runs a primary healthcare clinic in Tirbespi, where they are able to conduct basic medical treatments.

Their responsibility includes surrounding villages and communities, in total about 100.000 people. A better infrastructure is still necessary. Presently, when more extensive surgeries are necessary, people have to undertake the drive to Qamishlo, Cizires Capital. In Qamishlo there are, besides one public hospital that is run by Assad’s regime, exceptional private facilities.

Between emergency relief and constitution

Kurdish Red Crescent Chairman Sherwan Bery said in an interview with medico last year, that „Civilization in northern Syria suffers from missing social infrastructure. In regards to medical issues the situation is very precarious“.

Within the last few years, medico mostly supported Kurdish Red Crescent with emergency support. Most recently, medico was supporting their efforts with medical supplies for the refugee camp in Sheba. In Sheba, there are still up to 100.000 people stuck, who fled from the turkish invasion to the kurdish canton Afrin. medico and Kurdish Red Crescent do not plan on interrupting these supportive actions yet.

Infrastructure is most necessary in order to make a lasting change. It is also why, at the same time, we support the construction of infrastructural facilities.

In northern Syria, a new health system is being built up under democratic self-administration. In a newly constructed health academy, doctors and medical assistants are being taught or given further instructions. The first absolvents, that have just graduated, are already working in hospitals or health centers within the area.

This program aims to be able to pay every health worker an appropriate wage, and thereby, to ensure basic health care at no cost to the community. 

Also an important topic in this context are medical education, birth control, the diminution of cesareans, and even the question of abortion is being discussed here. In a society, particularly as conservative as in northern Syria, small steps on these controversial questions are already big achievements.

It should always be reminded, that this whole development takes place within a fairly dangerous environment. Very recently, the turkish military started another attack on smaller communities around Kobane. The continuation of this degenerated proxy war in Syria is not solved yet.

It is more than admirable, that kurdish people are, against all danger and chaos, continuously working on building up democratic structures and seeking a way towards political participation.

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Published: 14. January 2019

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