Projects and Partners


Project Funding 2014

    • Support of displaced Syrian-Palestinian children in Ein-el-Hilweh-Camp (Saida), Nashet Association
    • Support for self-administered schools in Erbin, about: Change e.V.
    • Food relief and hygiene items for displaced families in Yarmouk, Jaramana and Qudseya Camp, JAFRA Foundation
    • Organizational and administrative support and training for young activists of Palestinian/Syrian descent Improving access to medicines in Rojava, Kurdish Red Crescent Publication of the book „Voices of Syria“, Faust-Kultur-GmbH
    • Supporting medical services in rural areas in the region Daraa, Public Commission for Administration & Civil Defense Committee (PCCDD)
    • Support of the set up of a blood bank, Ärzte-Komitee Kobani
    • Support of the Syrian and Kurdish-Syrian refugees from Kobani, Office of Mayor, Suruc
    • Support of the Syrian and Kurdish-Syrian refugees from Kobani, Hilfe und Solidarität mit Rojava e.V.
    • Primary health care for Syrian refugees in the Beqaa plain and in Beirut, Amel Association

    Project Funding 2014: € 1,098,636.19 (incl. support from AA)

    Projects and Partners

    19.08.2014 Syrian Kurdistan Solidarity in emergency aid

    At the Turkish-Syrian border, Kurdish cantons have begun to administer themselves. They have also become a refuge for other refugees from persecution in a hopeful but risky experiment on the fringe of the war.

    01.01.1970 The example of Kobanî

    Syria is embroiled in a war with no end in sight. Even so, there are centres of resistance against violence. medico is supplying humanitarian emergency aid in the Kurdish city of Kobané.

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