Projects and Partners


Project Funding 2015

    • Food relief and hygiene items for Syrian-Palestinian refugees in Khan Eshieh Camp, JAFRA
    • Humanitarian assistance for for Syrian-Palestinian refugees in Yelda and Yarmouk , JAFRA
    • Support of the hospital in Kobane and the Yezidi refugees in Camp Newroz (Cizere), Rojava ile Yardimlasma ve Dayanisma Dernegi (Rojava Dernegi)
    • Support for the gynaecology department in a health center in Kobanê, Rojava Dernegi
    • Support for self-administered schools in Erbin, Local Coordination Committees (LCC)
    • -Garbage removal, disease prevention campaigns and rehabilitation of a blood bank in the region Daraa, Adopt a Revolution (AaR) and Civil Society Center (CSC), Daraa 

    Project Funding 2015: € 736,784.14 (incl. support from AA and stiftung m.i.)

    Projects and Partners

    20.07.2015 The example of Kobanî

    Syria is embroiled in a war with no end in sight. Even so, there are centres of resistance against violence. medico is supplying humanitarian emergency aid in the Kurdish city of Kobané.

    19.08.2014 Syrian Kurdistan Solidarity in emergency aid

    At the Turkish-Syrian border, Kurdish cantons have begun to administer themselves. They have also become a refuge for other refugees from persecution in a hopeful but risky experiment on the fringe of the war.

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