Project Funding in Syria (incl. Kurdish regions) 2018

  • Support of the health system in Afrin, Northern Syria, Coordination of Health Council Rojava
  • Rehabilitation of the hospital in Tirbespi, Northern Syria, Coordination of Health Council Rojava
  • Medical emergency relief for the internal displaced people of Afrin, Coordination of Health Council Rojava
  • Defending human rights of political detainees inside Syria, The Center
  • Supporting a women’s centre in Idlib, Adopt a Revolution (AaR)
  • “Improvement of the equipment of underground shelters in Erbin to protect the civilian population from bombardments, Local Coordination Committee (LCC)“
  • Emergeny aid and support to families in the underground shelters of the schools in Erbin, AaR and Local Coordination Committees (LCC)
  • Humanitarian aid für Syrian-Palestinian refugees and vulnerable families in hard-to-reach and besieged areas in Rif Dimashq, Jafra Foundation

Project Funding 2018: € 1,807,682.57 (incl. support from AA)

Projects and Partners

14.01.2019 A hospital for Rojava

medico international supports the reconstruction and the facilitation of a hospital in Cizire, a kurdish canton in northern Syria. Support us!

31.08.2018 Against all borders

The “Kurdish question” is nothing less than the question of democracy and future in the Middle East. By Martin Glasenapp.