Projects and Partners


Project Funding 2016

  • Fighting hunger, rebuilding lives: a reconstruction and rehabilitation program for typhoon-Haijan devastated communities in Samar, Samahang Operasyong Sagip (SOS)
  • Assistance for the affected population by typhoon Nona, SOS
  • Capacity building plan to ensure continuity of fighting hunger, Rebuilding Lives Program, SOS
  • Four years after Yolanda/Haiyan: The state of the people. Research, organizing and advocacy on supertyphoon, IBON Foundation

Project Funding 2016:  € 321,821.12

Projects and Partners

04.08.2015 The Philippine Disaster

The government failed to think and apply hard lessons. It failed to strengthen the country’s adaptive capacity, unfortunately because its mindset has been solely focused on private business.

19.08.2014 What emergency aid, what reconstruction?

After the devastation caused by Typhoon Haiyan medico's Philippine partners provided sustainable emergency aid thanks to their local structures. The health activists concentrated on people and regions which were being ignored by state politics.

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