Projects and Partners


Project Funding 2016

  • Empowerment of youth and children in indigenous communities in the North of Guatemala, Asociación Coordinadora Comunitaria de Servicios para la Salud (ACCSS)
  • Defending the economic, social, cultural and environmental rights in the region Ixcán, ACCSS
  • Strengthening of local capacities for food security, and supporting self-organization in the region Las Pozas, Sayaxché, Petén, Loq‘ Laj Ch’och, Sagrada Tierra
  • Struggle against impunity and for the democratisation of the legal system, Comisión Internacional de Juristas (CIJ) & Bufete Jurídico de Derechos Humanos (BJDH)
  • Strenghening youth leaders of the Maya Q‘eqchi community in the region Sayaxché, Petén, Sagrada Tierra
  • Forest project, Fundación Centro de Servicios Cristianos (FUNCEDESCRI)
  • Dealing with the psychosocial impact of grave human rights violations, Equipo de Estudios Comunitarios y Acción Psicosocial (ECAP)
  • Expenditure on the Central American office 

Project Funding 2016:  € 270,656.96 (incl. support from BMZ and stiftung m.i.)

Projects and Partners

31.08.2017 Democracy under pressure

Oppositions are reviled, NGOs banned, criticism is prosecuted as treason: worldwide, the spaces for emancipatory politics are being deliberately pared away.

27.07.2016 An end to fear

A diversified movement has conquered the streets.

19.08.2014 The verdict is recognition of their suffering

On 10 May 2013 Guatemala's former dictator Rios Montt was convicted of genocide against the indigenous Ixil and of war crimes. Ten days later the verdict was overturned because of alleged procedural errors. What's the status of the struggle against impunity in Guatemala after all these years?

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