Without borders. Migration in a limited world

Documentation on the conference in Berlin, 2 September 2013

Documentation on the international conference, 2 September 2013. Organized by Brot für die Welt, Justitia et Pax, Caritas international, Medico International and Südwind-Institut.


1.) Welcome - Dr Klaus Seitz (Brot für die Welt)

2.) Introduction - Martin Glasenapp (medico international)

3.) “Migration in a limited world” - Prof Dr Saskia Sassen (Colombia University New York)

4.) Case studies

4.1 “Stranded in transit: The situation of migrants in Mali and the Malian borders” - François Roméo Ntamag (Association des Refoulés d'Afrique Centrale au Mali)

4.2 “The promised land – between exploitation and decent work: Fight for recognition and implementation of human rights in migration” - Dr Irene Fernandez (Tenaganita, Malaysia)

4.3 “The lost paradise: Causes and effects of forced migration in the countries of origin” - Carlos Marentes (La Via Campesina, Mexico)

5.) Panel discussion with Prof Dr Saskia Sassen, Hannes Stegemann (Caritas International), Jacqui Zalcberg (United Nations), Carlos Marentes
Chairing: Dr Julia Duchrow

6.) Closing words - Dr Sabine Ferenschild (Südwind e.V.), Dr Hildegard Hagemann (German Commission for Justice and Peace)

Published: 01. December 2013

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