17.03.2020 Refugees Welcome! Don’t Shoot!

While Europe is taking strict measures against corona, Greece cannot guarantee medical care for the refugees.

05.03.2020 A coalition to “shield” migrants and refugees against violence at the borders

We will hold Greece and the EU accountable for the violations of the rights of migrants and refugees fleeing Turkey.

31.08.2018 Alleged "voluntariness"

All over the world, refugees and emigrants are being forced out of the countries where they have sought refuge. With sheer violence, but in many cases also by programmes for so-called “voluntary” return. By Ramona Lenz.

28.06.2018 Solidarity, dignity and humanity with persons in exile

One day, the indignity with which persons in exile have been made (un)welcome will be judged by History. Till that day we must drive our mobiliziation.

14.08.2017 Migration and refugees and Germany’s responsibility

The 2030-Agenda of the United Nations promises the transformation of our world. What about Migration in Germany?

03.05.2017 Voluntary Return?

The GIZ gets into the "voluntary" return and reintegration of refugees. Questions for Tejan Lamboi, Network of Ex-Asylum Seekers in Sierra Leone.

27.07.2016 Refugee crisis? Global crisis!

Millions of people override Europe's borders, and then the massive rollback: 2015 was a turning point in migration policy. What does this mean for medico's work? We asked Sabine Eckart.

15.06.2016 The best Hotel in Europe

At City Plaza Athens, 400 refugees found a place. They came with no belongings and do not need to pay. Check in and support now!

31.03.2016 Out of sight, out of mind

Symposium about externalisation and regionalisation of migration and refugee policy, 23 February 2016, Berlin

25.06.2015 Grieving mothers become activists

The movement Migrante Mesoamericano is providing support to migrants transiting Mexico. Marta Sánchez Soler emphasises the political character of this aid.