20.09.2021 Credibility lost

In Mali, too, international troops are set to withdraw. Questions to Ousmane Diarra from the deported persons self-organisation Association Malienne des Expulsés (AME) in Mali.

20.09.2021 Last warning from Kabul

How the international missions in the Sahel could end too. By Moussa Tchangari.

12.05.2021 It is a start

The lockdowns have highlighted once again who the weakest link is in global value chains. By Thomas Rudhof-Seibert

19.11.2020 Privatisation beats Right to Health

A few rich countries have secured the lion's share of the most promising Covid 19 vaccines. However, Corona is only over when it is over for everyone. But European governments are undermining global cooperation to overcome the health crisis. By Anne Jung.

17.11.2020 Protecting borders instead of refugees

After the fire at the Moria camp on the island of Lesbos: How Europe is flogging off the human rights that underpin it at the Greek EU border. By Ramona Lenz.

16.09.2020 Troubled today and an uncertain future

The country has almost nothing to counter the virus. A report by Jawad Zawulistani from the partner organization Afghanistan Human Rights and Democracy (AHRDO).

16.09.2020 The short spring of solidarity

While international solidarity in containing the corona pandemic is officially emphasized, many states are relying on nationalism in vaccine research. By Dr. Andreas Wulf.

09.07.2020 Global Matrix of Coloniality

What you can learn from South African post- and neo-apartheid: A suggestion for a cosmopolitan insurgency from the ground up. Interview with Tshepo Madlingozi.

30.04.2020 Tennis Court Oath of the 21. Century

If, with the crisis as an argument, human rights are once again put on the back burner - what do we do to counter this? By Thomas Seibert

17.03.2020 Refugees Welcome! Don’t Shoot!

While Europe is taking strict measures against corona, Greece cannot guarantee medical care for the refugees.