19.12.2022 Contagious authoritarianism

Claudia Paz y Paz has brought high-ranking military officers in Guatemala to justice for human rights violations. How does she see the future of democracy in the region?

05.12.2022 Defending the right to one's own existence

A conversation with Nandiuasora Mazeingo of the "Ovaherero Genocide Foundation" on the survival of colonial conditions in Namibia, necessary reparations and a common future.

28.09.2022 Targeted Killing

A Turkish drone attack kills Zeyneb Sarokhan and Yilmaz Şero, both responsible for medico projects in northeastern Syria.

27.09.2022 What Heiner Müller already knew

A conversation with medico's new Managing Director Tsafrir Cohen about erroneous East-West dichotomies, lack of historical justice and professional optimism in hard times.

06.09.2022 Executioner without judge

Human rights violations in Syria have still not been dealt with legally, as access to judicial mechanisms at the international level is complicated.

23.06.2022 No temporary solution

For ten years now, the Rojava project has been under attack, defended and further developed. A travelogue.

29.03.2022 Don’t let yourself be put in a category

A world in disarray remains unpredictable. How should we live in this paradox? Here is one approach.

29.03.2022 Solidarity must remain critical

Nicaragua has become a dictatorship. What remains of yesteryear’s revolution? A conversation with outgoing medico colleague Dieter Müller.

29.03.2022 Landmark ruling

The head of a Syrian torture prison is convicted by a Koblenz court. An interview with the lawyer Anwar al Bunni about this success on the part of the diaspora.

29.03.2022 Selective Solidarity

The outrage over the attack on Ukraine is preceded by a long silence about Russia's role in Syria.