27.12.2017 Surviving on standby

Ethnic cleansings and mass expulsions are forcing hundreds of thousands to flee to Bangladesh. Thomas Seibert visited the Rohingya’ camps. A shattering documentary.

04.10.2017 11 theories about the new challenges to humanitarian aid

Today, the need for aid dramatically exceeds the funds available worldwide. The unchecked pace of crisis in recent years has burst the boundaries of the international humanitarian system. By Thomas Gebauer.

31.08.2017 Democracy under pressure

Oppositions are reviled, NGOs banned, criticism is prosecuted as treason: worldwide, the spaces for emancipatory politics are being deliberately pared away.

15.05.2017 Aiding change or abetting crimes

Thomas Gebauer, head of medico international, about the need to have a critical look at NGOs and that it is high time to reconsider civil society.

19.04.2017 We need to blame all governments

After the drought of 2011 we failed as a global collective community: We didn’t rebuild the lives of those people we saved. So why did we save them? For the next drought to kill them?

28.07.2016 Fast isn’t the same as good

Emergency aid after the earthquake: Conflicts of interest between the national government and Western aid.

19.05.2016 Fit for Disaster

“Sustainable development”, at least, was driven by the idea to actively and politically shape the world. Conversely, the concept of resilience is only about making people fit for survival.

04.08.2015 The Philippine Disaster

The government failed to think and apply hard lessons. It failed to strengthen the country’s adaptive capacity, unfortunately because its mindset has been solely focused on private business.

20.07.2015 The example of Kobanî

Syria is embroiled in a war with no end in sight. Even so, there are centres of resistance against violence. medico is supplying humanitarian emergency aid in the Kurdish city of Kobané.

25.06.2015 Destruction and attrition

The Israeli military offensive in summer 2014 has transformed large areas of Gaza into a scene of devastation. medico partners have provided emergency medical aid and documented possible war crimes.