Project Funding 2018

  • Provision of medication and medical equipment for Sahrawi refugee camps and capacity development for pharmaceutical staff, Ministry of Health of the Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic (DARS)
  • EU and Siemens information campaign on human rights violations and resource exploitation in occupied Western Sahara, Western Sahara Ressource Watch (WSRW)

Project Funding 2018: € 878,658.75 (incl. support from ECHO)

Projects and Partners

26.06.2019 The spirit of ’78

Forty years ago, WHO adopted the pioneering Declaration of Alma Ata. The promise “Health for all” has not been fulfilled, but Alma Ata remains the reference point for medico and partner organisations throughout the world.

13.06.2019 We’re connected by more than just projects

South Africa, Jordan, Brazil: for the first time, medico has organised regional forums in which several partner organisations came together. On the idea of the forums, the topics for sharing experience and the shift to the right in Latin America: Interview with Karin Urschel.

13.06.2019 Joint reflection rather than unilateral assessment

In an unusual process, medico and the partner organisation “Network of Ex-Asylum Seekers” are reflecting on their cooperation in Sierra Leone.

12.06.2019 Autonomy under fire

The Turkish occupation of Afrin has initiated a new refugee drama. The future of the Kurdish self-administration remains uncertain.

19.12.2018 Global Health Watch 5

For over a decade, Global Health Watch has been the definitive source for alternative analysis on health.