Diyarbakir Sur. (Photo: Mark Mühlhaus)
Projects and Partners


Project Funding 2016

    • Support of Kurds in Turkey affected by the fighting and food aid for those who fled from besieged regions, Rojava Dernegi (Hilfe und Solidarität mit Rojava e.V.)
    • Legal assistance for Kurds that are threatend by expropriation in Dyarbakir-Sur, Mesopotamia Lawyers Association

    Project Funding 2016:   € 101,551.43

    Projects and Partners

    31.08.2017 Democracy under pressure

    Oppositions are reviled, NGOs banned, criticism is prosecuted as treason: worldwide, the spaces for emancipatory politics are being deliberately pared away.

    20.01.2016 International appeal

    For the right to demand peace at times of war. Academics from all over the world defend their colleagues in Turkey.

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