Projects and Partners


Project Funding 2015

  • Empowering war victims: bottom up mobilization, Bamyan and Nangarhar, Afghanistan Human Rights and Democracy Organization (AHRDO)
  • Addressing Ethnic Conflict in Afghanistan at the Grassroots Level: A theatre approach, AHRDO
  • MDC human clinic - physiotherapy and counseling for women, Mine Detection Center (MDC)


Project Funding 2015: € 84,884.65 (incl. support from AA and stiftung m.i.)

Projects and Partners

27.07.2016 München, Kabul, Qamishlo

Anschläge werden nicht deshalb erträglicher, weil sie anderswo öfter stattfinden als in Deutschland. Nur eins ist dort anders als hier.

25.06.2015 Bottom-up reconciliation

In this traumatised and fragmented country, AHRDO insists that peace has to be based on justice and a voice for all.

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