June 30, 6 pm

"Dreams of the Mothers and Fathers of Independence. African realities today"

Presentation by Prof. PLO Lumumba (Nairobi). Lecture Series "Rethinking Africa 2020 60 Years of Independence. A Critical Review"

60 years after 17 African countries gained their independence, rethinking decolonisation is this year's theme of the conference Rethinking Africa. Talking about the African liberation struggles always means deconstructing the European imaginary complexes. From different perspectives, three discussion events will deal with the question of whether decolonisation was more than the brief awakening of a future yet to be invented and how the political and cultural overcoming of dependencies can be shaped. The series recalls the dreams of the generation that fought for independence and seeks to look at the complex realities and new post-colonial movements.

In 1960 this first transnational movement brought down most of the colonial regimes through mass protests. But the former colonial powers prevented the independent democratic and economic development of the young states. Autocrats and dictators were promoted, protected and bloody proxy wars were financed.

Despite all the recognition given to those who fought for the independence of the countries, the disappointment prevails over those in power who were not able to transform the formal into real independence. To this day, many countries still do not control their own resources and are not able to shape decision-making processes freely. Because of this sinister alliance between national elites and an Africa policy of the industrialized nations, which have never abandoned colonial thoughts and actions, those thought patterns and actions are reproduced. All too often, the promised equal relations remain an illusion, only the form has changed.

June, 30, 18:00-20:00
Presentation with debate: "Dreams of the Mothers and Fathers of Independence. African realities today"
Prof. PLO Lumumba, Director of the Kenya Law School Society, Nairobi/Kenya

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Upcoming events:

September, 30, 18:00-20:00
Panel Presentations with debate: “Independence and economic order in Africa. Who controls what?”
Ousmane Sonko, author and former presidential candidate, Senegal (Requested)

Debate on the economic relations between African regions and the EU: Yvonne Takang, journalist, Cameroon (requested); On the economic relations of African countries with the USA and China: Jane Nalunga, Director of Southern and Eastern Africa Trade Information and Negotiations Institute (SEATINI) Uganda; On the role of the African Diaspora for the economic emancipation of Africa: Dr. Erick Tambo, Institute for Water and Energy Sciences of the African Union and an Associate Academic Advisor at the United Nations University (requested).

November, 30
"Independence begins with self-perception and the perception of others. From the decolonization of the imagination to creative existence."

Details to follow.

All events will be held in English.

A joint event series by KASA, medico international, EPN Hessen; Zentrum Oekumene, Hessen entwickeln, the BMZ (Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development) and the Hessian Ministry of Economics, Energy, Transport and Housing.

Published: 22. June 2020

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