G20 Summit & Global Health

Control or Prevention?

Abwehr oder Vorsorge - Fachkonferenz der Deutschen Plattform für Globale Gesundheit.
Symposium of the German Platform for Global Health (DPGG). Berlin | 15th May 2017 | Henriette-Herz-Platz 2 (DGB) |11 am to 5 pm.

Symposium of the German Platform for Global Health (DPGG)
| 15th May 2017 | Henriette-Herz-Platz 2 (DGB) |11 am to 5 pm

Health issues have often been a popular topic at global summits. It is quite easy to jointly show commitment on topics like AIDS or Mother&Child Health. However, in 2017 it is the first time that G20 Health Ministers will meet in the run-up of the G20 summit to address some global health crises. On top of the agenda to be discussed by the Health Ministers is the concept of Health Security, motivated by the aim to protect their populations against global health threats. The main goal seems to react to and effectively contain cross-border pandemics like the Avian Flu, Ebola and the Zika. Another point of discussion will be the increasing antimicrobial resistance.

However, it is controversial how these goals can be reached. Several states emphasize the need of strong local health systems to effectively prevent and deal with an outbreak of diseases, while others focus primarily on containment, isolation and quarantine policies.
Today – especially after the Ebola crisis – the unifying call is to build and reinforce resilient health systems. This approach fails to reflect that health is more than just the absence of disease but must include an idea of social justice.

The potential tension between health protection (health and social care) and health security sets the stage for the symposium of the German Platform for Global Health (DPGG). Together with speakers from different countries and backgrounds, we like to debate how policies of the globally dominant industrialized countries influence and sometimes impede the conditions of health in countries of the South. Moreover, how the creation of supportive and legally binding financial compensation mechanisms can contribute to the realization of the right to health for all people.


The event will be simultaneously translated into German and English.


11.00 am Welcome

  • Platform for Global Health

11.10 am Key Note Speech

Interests and strategies on global Health policies

  • Thomas Gebauer, Executive Director medico international e.V.

11.40 am   Debate

12.00 am   Panel 1 Outlining the Issue I

Health security between crisis management and health protection: Where do we stand three years after the Ebola-shock?

  • Dr. Amit Sengupta, People’s Health Movement, India
  • Dr. Anne Roemer-Mahler, University of Sussex, UK


  • Dr. Tine Hanrieder, Social Science Research Center Berlin, German Platform for Global Health, Berlin

1.15 pm   lunch

2.00 pm   Panel 2 Outlining the Issue II

The dream is over! Causes and consequences of antimicrobial resistance

  • Dr. Christian Wagner-Ahlfs, BUKO Pharma Campaign, Bielefeld
  • Suzanne Edwards, Independent Research Analyst, Berlin


  • Prof. Dr. Hortense Slevogt, University of Jena

2.45 pm   Debate

3.00 pm   Panel 3 Solution approaches

Transnational Social Security

  • Knut Lambertin, German trade union confederation, Berlin

Strengthening Public Services: The Social Protection Floor

  • Odile Frank, NGO Forum for Health, Global Coalition for Social Protection Floors, Geneva

Financing Global Social Protection: Binding Equalization Payment Schemes instead of Donor-driven charity

  • Dr. Rachel Hammonds, Law and Development Research Group, University of Antwerp, Netherlands


  • Mariska Meurs, Wemos, Amsterdam

4.30 pm   Closing Remarks

  • Dr. Dr. Jens Holst, German Platform for Global Health

5.00 pm   Closure

Further information www.plattformglobalegesundheit.de


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