Projects and Partners


Project Funding 2016

    • Universal right of access to health, Centro Brasileiro de Estudos de Saúde (CEBES)
    • Asserting the right to health, and networking with JnT in Maranhao, Instituto Politicas Alternativas para o Cone Sul (PACS)
    • Asserting the right to health, and networking with PACS in Rio de Janeiro, Justiça nos Trilhos (JnT)
    • German global players in Brazil. How do companies deal with human rights?, Forschungs- und Dokumentationszentrum Chile-Lateinamerika (FDCL)
    • Strengthening the federal school of the Brazilian landless movement (MST) and their allies, Escola Nacional Florestan Fernandes (ENFF)
    • Strengthening the opposition communications work in Brazil, Outras Palavras 

    Project Funding 2016:  € 115,645.00 (incl. support from stiftung m.i.)



    Projects and Partners

    10.05.2017 In other words

    Another reason for the failure of the government project of the Workers’ Party (PT) was the media monopoly of the old elites. Antonio Martins’ discussion portal Outras Palavras supports left-wing points of view.

    31.05.2013 Protests against uranium mining in Caetité

    Interview with Padre Osvaldino, who helped organise protests against uranium mining in Caetité in Brazil.

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