01.06.2013 Syria

**Project support** - Emergency aid for victims of state repression, Medical Commission for the Syrian Revolution (MCSR) - Support for local resistance committees, Adopt a Revolution, about:Change e.V. - Medical aid for Syrian refugees in Lebanon, Bekaa Tal/Amel Association - Humanitarian aid for exiled Syrian families at the Palestinian Yarmouk Camp in Damascus, Nadja Now International e.V. - Humanitarian aid for Palestinian refugees from Syria at the Ein-el-Hilweh Camp in Lebanon, Nashet Association - Humanitarian aid for exiles in the Kurdish-Syrian city of Sere Kaniye, - Association of Syrian Kurdish Youth Abroad (ASKYA)

01.06.2013 The struggle for a third option

The liberationary uprising in Syria in 2012 has turned into a bloody war between the government and heterogeneous opposition forces, with the outcome uncertain. This development has been a matter of intensive concern for medico throughout the year. What does solidarity mean, given the contradictory and deadlocked situation in Syria?

31.05.2013 Brazil's rocky road to becoming a world power

medico's support to partners in emerging nations is a question of strategy. In Brazil, two new projects were added in 2012. Both are fighting – symbolically as well – for the significance of human and civil rights in prevailing growth models. By Katja Maurer

18.05.2013 Struggles for solar plants, farmland and freedom

In several important project regions, medico maintains its own offices to coordinate projects and service partnerships. Three office directors describe what they considered the most impressive local events in 2012.

02.05.2013 Countering displacement

Health is a human right. But in the rural areas of the West Bank, access to health services is considerably reduced by the Israeli occupation policies. Their goal is evidently to oust the Palestinians living there into densely populated enclaves fully controlled by Israel and geographically separated from each other.

11.02.2013 Documentary films in times of transition

At Yangon Film School, Myanmar’s first and only film school, young documentary film-makers courageously ignored the Burmese rules of the game at a time when pushing the limits was still harshly persecuted by the military regime. In 2008, cyclone...

11.02.2013 Israeli-Palestinian solidarity in the south Hebron hills

Medico partner Comet-ME, an Israeli-Palestinian organization providing basic energy services to off-grid communities using environmentally and socially sustainable methods, has just opened its new center. The centre will serve as the regional base of...

05.02.2013 Kimberlite Diamond Mining and Gross Human Rights Abuses in Kono

Medico International is one of the funding members of the international campaign to ban landmines globally. The organization was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 1997. Medico has supported NMJD since 2006. Contact Person: Anne Jung - jung@medico.de ...

30.10.2012 Trading Away Peace

The European Union imports fifteen times more from Israel’s illegal settlements in the Occupied Palestinian Territory than from Palestinians themselves, a new report from a coalition of 22 non-governmental organisations including medico international...

25.10.2012 Persistence

The life of the people in Shaeb Al Buttum, under Israeli occupation and without water, electric power and proper roads, is a little better after installing a solar and wind power system. The community lives off the electricity grid due to political...