26.08.2019 Health for all is not Utopian!

Thomas Gebauer (medico international foundation) on the WHO, public health systems and the creation of a “global universal insurance”.

29.11.2018 Tribute to Dr. Amit Sengupta

Amit Sengupta was one of the most important voices in the People's Health Movement. His death is a great loss for the progressive health movement in India and globally.

05.06.2018 Translating “Health for All” into the Present and Future

Consultation statement of the civil society workshop “40 Years of Alma-Ata: Translating ‘Health for All’ into the Present and Future”, Geneva, Ecumenical Centre, 18 May 2018

14.05.2018 “Effectiveness and success should be defined in terms of health equity”

Anne-Emanuelle Birn on the challenges of world health, business interests and skewed power.

09.04.2018 Community Health Workers start raising their voice

“We have been doing this work for so many years and we are still called volunteers”. That’s why Community Health Workers in South Africa get organised.

14.03.2018 In the Stranglehold

70 years ago, the World Health Organization was founded. Today the WHO is chronically underfinanced and remains dependent of vested interests both from member states and private actors.

14.03.2018 No prescription for Medicine for the Poor

40 years ago, the World Health Organization tried to materialize the Right to Health.

06.02.2018 The World Health Organization at the crossroads

At stakes are the World Health Organisations independence, her legitimacy and her ability to continue to be the leading institution on Global Health as enshrined in her constitution from 1948. medico-Debates at the congress Poverty & Health, 21 march 2018

15.05.2017 Aiding change or abetting crimes

Thomas Gebauer, head of medico international, about the need to have a critical look at NGOs and that it is high time to reconsider civil society.

31.03.2015 Global Health Policy - For everyone, everywhere

Foundations for a future interdepartmental strategy to promote global health.