19.08.2014 Theatre against ignorance and stigmatisation

Refugees deported from Germany are fighting in Sierra Leone through the Network of Ex Asylum Seekers - NEAS - against stigmatisation and the European Union's deportation practices. The activists of NEAS work through their experiences in a play.

19.08.2014 Everyone is treated at the Open Clinic

Physicians for Human Rights – Israel works with more than 3,000 volunteers to enforce the right to health for everyone in Israel and the occupied Palestinian territories – regardless of their official resident status.

19.08.2014 Conference 'Chile in transformation'

The one-day seminar by medico international foundation on 14 September 2013 marked the 40th anniversary of the military putsch in Chile, and looked at the consequences of the dictatorship and the continuity of neoliberal policies – including and particularly after the end of the Pinochet regime.

11.07.2014 Israel/Palestine: Ceasefire Now!

Military actions by all parties must stop. Since 2009, history has shown that military operations have failed to bring peace and security for people in Gaza and in Israel.

01.12.2013 Without borders. Migration in a limited world

Documentation on the international conference, 2 September 2013. Organized by Brot für die Welt, Justitia et Pax, Caritas international, Medico International and Südwind-Institut. Contents: 1.) Welcome - Dr Klaus Seitz (Brot für die Welt) 2.)...

04.06.2013 Theatre of the Oppressed

Bisharat, Zaman and Fatima grew up in Pakistan as refugees from their war-torn country. Fortunately for them, they were not educated in one of the Qur'an schools which the Taliban still use to recruit their next generation. When the three returned to...

01.06.2013 Civil options have been forced into the background

Since the start of 2012, Mali has been overwhelmed by events. The country was shaken by a Tuareg uprising, followed in March by a military coup in the capital Bamako, the North suffered an escalation of terror by religious radical militias, leading to the exodus of hundreds of thousands. This difficult conflict situation also led to a change in the work of medico's partners in Mali.

01.06.2013 Syria

**Project support** - Emergency aid for victims of state repression, Medical Commission for the Syrian Revolution (MCSR) - Support for local resistance committees, Adopt a Revolution, about:Change e.V. - Medical aid for Syrian refugees in Lebanon, Bekaa Tal/Amel Association - Humanitarian aid for exiled Syrian families at the Palestinian Yarmouk Camp in Damascus, Nadja Now International e.V. - Humanitarian aid for Palestinian refugees from Syria at the Ein-el-Hilweh Camp in Lebanon, Nashet Association - Humanitarian aid for exiles in the Kurdish-Syrian city of Sere Kaniye, - Association of Syrian Kurdish Youth Abroad (ASKYA)

01.06.2013 The struggle for a third option

The liberationary uprising in Syria in 2012 has turned into a bloody war between the government and heterogeneous opposition forces, with the outcome uncertain. This development has been a matter of intensive concern for medico throughout the year. What does solidarity mean, given the contradictory and deadlocked situation in Syria?

31.05.2013 Brazil's rocky road to becoming a world power

medico's support to partners in emerging nations is a question of strategy. In Brazil, two new projects were added in 2012. Both are fighting – symbolically as well – for the significance of human and civil rights in prevailing growth models. By Katja Maurer