25.06.2020 A delicate balance

Rising food prices, the threat of hunger. There is growing concern about the socio-economic consequences of the corona virus pandemic in Kenya. Interview with Dan Owalla of the NGO Sodeca.

30.04.2020 Tennis Court Oath of the 21. Century

If, with the crisis as an argument, human rights are once again put on the back burner - what do we do to counter this? By Thomas Seibert

15.04.2020 Time to rally behind the World Health Organization

This is the time to insist on multilateralism, solidarity, and science based health policy making at global and national level.

06.04.2020 Crisis aid from below

For years, volunteers have been providing medical care to South Africa's poor districts. Corona threatens to escalate the situation there. By Anne Jung and Usche Merk

20.03.2020 Global Virus. Global Solidarity!

medico's partner organisations around the world now need solidarity and immediate support.

12.03.2020 Forgotten victims

The Corona Virus Epidemic in the Global South. By Andreas Wulf

26.02.2020 The end of globalisation

Isolation, sealing and surveillance can’t stop a virus. Listening to experiences in Public Health could. By Dr. Andreas Wulf

01.02.2020 More worrying than the virus

Evacuation, entry ban, restriction of movement. As the world reacts to the Corona virus, the situation escalates. By Dr. Andreas Wulf

23.01.2020 The Lust for the Plague

If only one "new" virus triggers an alarm at a time, the scandal of the thousands of avoidable victims of measles or tuberculosis becomes smaller and smaller. By Dr. Andreas Wulf

21.11.2019 The Struggle for Health

Declaration of the People's Health Movement, adopted at the fourth People's Health Assembly. Savar, Bangladesh, November 2018