05.08.2009 Standing by those who cannot leave

Demilitarisation during a war, which cannot be named a "good war". Looking towards the post-conflict work required.

05.08.2009 If the past refuses to go away

Community work with survivors of the Guatemalan massacre

01.05.2009 Sierra Leone

**Project Funding 2012** - Legal advice offices in the Kono diamond region, Network Movement for Justice and Development (NMJD) - Cholera prevention and public education, NMJD - Public relations work on deportations from Germany and strengthening self-help, Network of Ex-Asylum Seekers Sierra Leone (NEAS)

01.05.2009 South Africa

**Project Funding 2012** - Self-help by victims of apartheid, Khulumani Support Group - Political and social human rights for people with HIV/AIDS, Sinani- KwaZulu Natal Programme for Survivors of Violence - Strengthening socio-economic rights, Local Government Action - Campaign on the Limpopo educational crisis, Section 27

01.05.2009 El Salvador

**Project Funding 2012** - Strengthening the National Health Forum, Alianza Ciudadana contra la Privatización de la Salud (ACCPS) via Asociación de Promotores Comunales Salvadoreños (APROCSAL) - Social fund for prosthetics wearers, Promotora de la Organización de Discapacitados de El Salvador (PODES) - Remembrance and human rights – strengthening academic curricula, Museo de la Palabra y la Imagen (MUPI)

01.05.2009 Guatemala

**Project Funding 2012** - Empowerment of young persons and children in indigenous communities, Asociación Coordinadora Comunitaria de Servicios para la Salud (ACCSS) - Systematising the work of ACCSS - Struggle against impunity and strengthening democratisation of the justice system, International Commission of Jurists and Bufete Derechos Humanos - Psychosocial work and investigations in the search for the ‘disappeared’ and executed, exhumations, Equipo de Estudios Comunitarios y Acción Psicosocial (ECAP) - Psychosocial work after human rights violations, ECAP - For the right to restitution and justice, Asociación Campesina para el Desarrollo Integral Nebajense (ASOCDENEB) - Participation in the hearing of the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights, ASOCDENEB - Protection of natural resources and food security in ten Q‘eqchi villages in Alta Verapaz, Fundación Centro de Servicios Cristianos (FUNCEDESCRI) - Forest project, FUNCEDESCRI - Capacity development for young managers in local administrations, Sagrada Tierra

01.05.2009 Iraq

**Kurdistan/Iraq - Project Funding 2012** - Refuges for women threatened by violence and honour killing, KHANZAD, Haukari FFM - Public education campaign on domestic violence and health in schools, Kurdistan Health Foundation, Haukari FFM

01.05.2009 Israel/Palestine

**Project Funding 2012** - Protection of renewable energy plants in the southern Hebron hills and establishment of a renewable energy centre, Community Energy Technology in the Middle East (Comet-ME) - Legal action against demolition of these plants, Comet-ME - Improvement of primary health services and strengthening crisis preparedness in the occupied Palestinian regions, Palestinian Medical Relief Society (PMRS) - Strengthening community-oriented health services and supplying nutritional supplements in the Gaza Strip, PMRS - Access to primary health services and protection for marginalised communities in Hebron and Bethlehem, PMRS - Promoting schools for community health workers, PMRS - Kindergartens for unrecognised villages in the Jordan valley, Union of Agricultural Work Committees (UAWC) - Campaign for the right to equal access to health services, Adalah – Legal Center for Arab Minority Rights in Israel - Human rights work in the Gaza Strip, Al Mezan Center for Human Rights - Support for Physicians for Human Rights (Israel), PHR-IL - Mobile clinics in occupied Palestinian regions, PHR-IL - Training and campaigns for early diagnosis of breast cancer and medical-psychological support in the Gaza Strip, Culture and Free Thought Association (CFTA) - Health work in East Jerusalem, Medical Relief Society

01.05.2009 Lebanon

**Project Funding 2012** - Rental for school of nursing, Chouah Al Nour Educational Professional Association (CENEP) - Participative municipal development initiatives. Popular Aid for Relief and Development (PARD) - Capacity development for young Palestinian refugees, support to the Nashet Association at Ein el Hilweh Camp - Pilot project on sexual and reproductive health, MARSA Sexual Health Center

01.05.2009 Afghanistan

**Project Funding 2012** - Humanitarian mine clearing, promoting the mine clearing programme of the Mine Detection Center (MDC) - Physiotherapy and psychosocial counselling for women, MDC Mine awareness for women and children, Organisation for Mine Clearance and Afghan Rehabilitation (OMAR) - Eyewitness and reconciliation project, Afghanistan Human Rights and Democracy Organization (AHRDO) - Conference for a network to strengthen vulnerable groups, AHRDO