27.07.2016 The regime strikes back

Civil society organisations like the El Nadeem Centre for the Rehabilitation of Victims of Violence and Torture are under growing pressure.

31.03.2016 Out of sight, out of mind

Symposium about externalisation and regionalisation of migration and refugee policy, 23 February 2016, Berlin

20.01.2016 International appeal

For the right to demand peace at times of war. Academics from all over the world defend their colleagues in Turkey.

30.09.2015 Solidarity begins beyond aid

It is good and just to give homeless people shelter for the night, wrote Bertolt Brecht. He added, however, that this will not change the world, or shorten the age of exploitation.

25.06.2015 Grieving mothers become activists

The movement Migrante Mesoamericano is providing support to migrants transiting Mexico. Marta Sánchez Soler emphasises the political character of this aid.

27.11.2014 In the Shadow of the Citadel

Over the course of the past 14 years, the European Union and its member states have gone to great lengths to expand the reinforcement of the union’s external borders.

19.08.2014 The verdict is recognition of their suffering

On 10 May 2013 Guatemala's former dictator Rios Montt was convicted of genocide against the indigenous Ixil and of war crimes. Ten days later the verdict was overturned because of alleged procedural errors. What's the status of the struggle against impunity in Guatemala after all these years?

19.08.2014 Controlling the controllers

3 October 2013 remains as a day of shame. 380 refugees drowned in the sinking of a decrepit ship off the Mediterranean island of Lampedusa. The politicians all chorused that the disaster was a European one, impossible to prevent. Pope Francis was the...

19.08.2014 After the scandal

On 21 August 2013 the US 2nd Circuit court handed down a ruling with far-reaching consequences in a claim for compensation by South African victims of apartheid against major groups such as General Motors, Daimler AG and Rheinmetall. Filed by the...

19.08.2014 Theatre against ignorance and stigmatisation

Refugees deported from Germany are fighting in Sierra Leone through the Network of Ex Asylum Seekers - NEAS - against stigmatisation and the European Union's deportation practices. The activists of NEAS work through their experiences in a play.